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The way you run coupon campaigns must be consistent with the way your marketing department works. More about offline coupon tracking here. After choosing a coupon provider, you need to plan your strategy ahead.

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In the beginning, run small campaigns with diversified parameters, such as discount value and type, duration, discounted products, etc. Crucial to succeed and move forward is tracking the performance of every single coupon and campaign you launch. You must be patient and aware that it will take time and numerous experiments to figure out what works best for your business. Quick Tip: If you run a small business, start from choosing one product and run coupon campaigns from time to time with different discount types and values.

Results will show you which of the discounts work best. You can strengthen the power of offered incentives once you learn how to use special occasions and holidays to run coupon campaigns. Besides official holidays, personal celebration days, such as birthdays and anniversaries, of your customers are also perfect for a coupon. You have most likely already heard that personalization is paramount to successful marketing. I guess you also heard, or even experienced, the overwhelming privacy hiccup amongst modern consumers. In these circumstances, using personalization in your coupon marketing becomes thin ice, which needs to be trodden upon lightly.

Does it mean it is better to give up personalization? Of course not.

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To offer relevant deals, which let your clients save money, you need to first know your audience. For example, there is no point in offering another winter coat to a customer right after she purchased one. There are things people buy daily, and other items that are only needed from time to time. Following this, your coupon marketing must operate with more sophisticated algorithms and personalize offers in diversified ways.

Quick Tip: Remember that personalization cannot be managed manually at scale.

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Even in the beginning, it is worth it to invest in coupon marketing software that already supports coupon automation. We have listed many of ready-to-go examples that you can use in your coupon strategy. Note: Gamification in promotions builds unique customer experiences that increase engagement, loyalty, and retention. We were writing about it here. Coupons can be attached to your answer to a complaint or live chat conversation. Note: This tactic, used by global giants, reduces the number of cart abandonments. Divide your customers according to the revenues they bring.

Create exclusive discounts or gift cards for those who bring the highest profits. Note: Remember to emphasize the individual character of the discount. Note: Flash-sales are good to use to experiment and try out new campaign ideas. Note : The way custom events work enables you to build coupons at every point of the sales funnel and use almost every interaction to trigger coupon send outs. Each time a new customer places an order, you should trigger an automatic multi-level coupon send out, which delivers coupon codes to active users from time to time.

Send one coupon to a dormant user, and schedule automatic reminders, e. When the code remains unused, reminders will notify user automatically. Note: You can read more about coupon reminders in a separate article. When you get to 10 code redemptions, you can get a special free product. Each week, a new product is awarded, so keep an eye on the ball! Note: Great referral programs are gamified, multi-layered experiences so be creative! Points are exchanged for coupon codes divided into categories loyalty levels.

Plus, customers can get extra points by sharing their content on social media, writing reviews, or providing answers to the weekly quiz. Note: Loyalty programs should offer attractive incentives and be good fun no matter how long a customer participates. Note: Social media sites are the right places for contests in which coupons can serve as rewards. Coupons, even those made with lots of creativity, must be appropriately targeted to work effectively. The way you segment your audience must be consistent with shopping patterns and habits performed by your customers.

At the very beginning, take your time and learn what habits and features shape your customers buying activities. Then, you will be able to divide the audience into segments and create campaigns accordingly to their preferences.

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There is no customer segmentation that works for every business, or even for two different businesses. As every business and audience is unique, you need to dive deeply into the CRM and sales data to choose customer segments criteria. Advanced segmentation used to target coupons typically requires a combination of many criteria, e. Having an idea and, finally, coupons in place are just half of the way to campaign success.

The other half depends on whether or not you will be able to reach your target audience and put coupons in front of them.

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There are many channels you can use to promote coupons online. We have listed them for you, and also added some popular service providers. It is a chance to compete with the greatest giants and win new acquisitions. Our Tip: Watch carefully to place your coupons in the right category as a mistake like this can be very painful and a waste of many resources.

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Look at this post to find more coupon platforms ready to promote your coupon codes. Coupon marketing that is supported by emails has one significant advantage; it can be highly personalized. It means extra points to their marketing power and a chance to build interactions with potential buyers. You can choose options to customize each type of sale. You can offer free standard shipping on items in your shop.

Learn more about strategies for free shipping. You can edit the sale or coupon later to include new listings if needed. To send offers to interested shoppers, follow the instructions to set up a sale and click Set up offer. Learn more about each option:. Choose a coupon code : Enter a coupon code.

This coupon code will be sent to shoppers, and they can enter it into their cart at checkout. This also generates a unique URL for this coupon code that you can send to shoppers. A campaign will continue to run until you decide to stop it by choosing See details and manage under the discount on your Sales and Coupons page. Some shoppers may have opted out to receive this type of coupon, so a coupon may not send to every single shopper who favorites an item or leaves an item in their cart.

To create a coupon, follow the instructions to set up a sale and click Create coupon. If you choose to only offer a percentage off coupon on certain listings, new listings won't be automatically added to existing coupons. You can edit the sale or coupon later to include them. If you offer more than one promotion, shoppers can apply both a list price discount and free shipping to an order. Here you'll see a breakdown of:. Shopping on Etsy Selling with Etsy. To set up a sale or coupon: On Etsy. Click Marketing. Click Sales and coupons.

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Click New special offer. Shoppers will see your items on sale across relevant search results and on your shop's homepage. Create a coupon : Share a coupon with specific shoppers or on different social channels.

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  • How to run a sale To run a sale, follow the instructions to set up a sale and click Run sale. Where is this offer valid? Quantity: A minimum number of items. Order total: A minimum amount spent. Duration: Choose start and end dates up to 30 days apart. Terms and conditions optional : Inform your shoppers of any restrictions, limitations or other terms that apply to the sale. How to run a free standard shipping sale You can offer free standard shipping on items in your shop.

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