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Can you help? I am pretty good with using many versions of photoshop, but gimp is an utter mystery to me. I need numbers. Does anybody know an online source where I can download free vector images ai, eps, pdf, etc , or a dingbat font with these kind of icons? I was wondering if anyone uses it, and do you like it?

I want to try it for t-shirt designs. Anyone have feedback? Looking for a free vector of a small group of people or a family with at least one of them pointing up or infront.

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So, any freeware vector programs? I downloaded a free vector file and I then unzip it but when I go to open it in a program that is supposed to be able to open it I am told that it is not as yet unzipped.

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I really like this file. I have no trouble unzipping anything else. When I hover my mouse over it it says it is a compressed file. From what I was told on the website I should be able to open with CorelDraw. Is that not so? I am searching fonts which are free for both commercial and personal use.

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Categories : grunge, classy, sci-fi, sophisticated and hip hop style. If you know any of these kind of free fonts. Let me know.

I am trying to utilize my time spend on the search of vectors, as it takes a lot of resources. Do you create them yourselves or outsource? VectorWorks is definitely the best and nothing will be as good as it, or ever come close. But, can anyone recommend a free alternative to this? I will primarily using such a program to create lighting plots. I am looking for some free vector images and was wondering if anyone uses a good site, I need some inspiration for a template I am designing.

I read on one website that a bird bath would give them water. But that seems it would attract birds who would eat the butterflies. A few miles south there is a butterfly conservatory, they might have somethings to help get started. They had sheets that listed flowers butterflies like. What should I get? Never mind, my grammar was fine. I have Photoshop Extended only and Free Inkscape.

Hey, thank you for answering Nick.

Flower Vectors | Free Vector Graphics | Everypixel

So I tried opening the image In Photoshop and using the magic eraser. Is it acceptable to use already made free vectors for shirt designs, etc. I was wondering if there are any websites that offer free vectors or other images that have good resolution for printing? I want actual images and pictures.

Freebie Release: 5 Floral Ornaments Vector Brushes

Trying to download a free vector illustrator program directly to onto a USB and then from the USB to my Laptop that does not have internet access. I want it to be as cheap as possible.. Most of the vector graphic sites that claim to be free end up relinking their images to a paid site like shutterstock. Do you guys know of real free vector graphic sites? I am looking for a vector illustration of someone in either a wheelchair or the walkers under their arms…enough that you know they have a disability.

But I want all the continents, or countries, to be clickable buttons that will show information. I already have Microsoft Office but I need a good, free vector image editor that will work on my computer. Vector programmes is a type of programme that uses algorythms to produce an infinite resolution graphics even how much you some in.

Free Floral Vectors Collection

A bitmap graphic is the same as in paint. It uses pixels to produce low a low graphic.

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Any tips on vectors? Already have incscape, but need something like flash cs5 or something similar to paint brushes. Looking for a decent, affordable or free vector art program for Mac. I found a Jabulani vector but cant find one for the trophy, oh and if you have a 3d model then thank u very much. I am starting my own business and I have ideas of images I would like to put on my clothes. Does anyone know how much this would cost and where I could find such artists? I downloaded inkscape and some free vector images from various sites. The files are in EPS file format.

I converted them to pdf and opened them in Inkscape. I then saved them as both bmp and svg file types. Now what I want to do is cut portions of the vector image out so I can use them in my own designs. Unfortunately i can not figure out how to edit these vector images. How can I cut a portion of a vector image out in inkscape? Why Is it so hard to put flower boarders on my blog? Me and a friend are starting a small T-shirt and poster business in which we need some pictures or vectors for free.

We make a lot of our own graphics and take our own pictures also. Eventually we will join one of the stock photo sites, but for the time being we are trying to watch our expenses and build up to that point. Thanks so much for any help guys and girls!!!

Illustrator Tutorials - Creating Stock Botanical floral Vectors Inspiration to Creation, Speedart

I am looking for a royalty free vector of a peacock. Preferably something that looks like an etching or woodblock print. If somebody could provide a little context I would greatly appreciate it. NOT trial versions, something different than adobe products.

I know that Wikipedia gives a list of the free vector-editing programs, but which one or another one, for that matter is the best, and matches in similarity to Illustrator? Thanks a bunch! Do I need to credit the company when I use these elements that I bought from them or is it understood that the elements are royalty-free and thus crediting is not needed? I use isolated silhouettes for digital designing and they are really hard to come by. Is there a place I can go on the web to find them for free? What is it? I want to get a tattoo of a butterfly. It represents freedom and rebirth — something that I can relate to at this moment in my life.

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